I’ve never been into animes but Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron have done enough to make me want to watch a few, thanks to film ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, it’s that inspiring – has a world of it’s own and beautifully crafted through VFX and SFX. An era of future that is not annoying for a change – the existence of the human robots is very much believable. Loved every bit! 4.5/5 for me.

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Probably the most visually appealing animation film of this decade. The Spider-Verse is fresh, witty and truest to its comic-book roots. It makes you feel like reading a few comic-books right after you finish with the film, the treatment is that powerful. 5/5 for me.
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While everyone is talking about the film ‘Sanju’, I am still in shock since watching ‘Race 3’. I have never been this terrified after watching any film.

I am not a film critic because I don’t want to be one but the torture that I have gone through while watching this film, I can’t resist to share my views about it:

1. If you want to make something out-of-the-box, break the rules but before that you should know what the rules are. The makers of ‘Race 3′ are surely unaware of the basic filmmaking rules. Breaking 180 degree, using unsuitable lenses for basic shots, taking shots from abnormal heights and the list goes on.

2. When a truck hits a car, the car is immediately burnt and there’s a huge explosion, fine, we understand that the Batman’s car is also capable of doing that, although trillions of dollars are invested in the equipment and gadgetry that is provided to Batman but it’s okay, we can buy this justification, but, a big BUT.. when the truck appears again in the next shot, it’s newer than before, in fact this time its crystal lights are more glittery than ever. Why?

3. Unnatural skin defusers are causing the characters’ facial skin to look as if there is some animation going on on the face of those characters.

4. There’s a twist, wow, okay now let’s discuss that twist. That’s what is happening in the film. Every twist is later on discussed by different character’s of the film as if the writer is unsure about whether his twists are understood by the audience or not. That is all I have to say about the screenplay of the film.

5. The wardrobe of Salman Khan. Dude this is 2018, not 1998.

I wonder what would be the reactions of senior actors like Anil Kapoor after watching this film for the first time ever.

The film is not a drama, thriller, comedy, horror, magic realism, noir or any other genre I could remember of. They may have a new genre for it, something like lame action magic or something. It is clearly the best example of the “don’ts” of filmmaking.

I rate it 1/5. ‘1’ because my keyboard’s zero is not functional.

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Sufyan lived with his best friend, Freddy, a beautiful black Labrador dog. Their day used to start with Freddy getting the newspaper from the gate to Sufyan’s bed and ended with Freddy getting all the dinner plates and other crockery from the dinner table to the kitchen for the wash. It was such a well trained dog who never disappointed it’s master. They used to do everything together, watch films, go out for groceries, share the same bed to sleep, and their favourite, go out hunting on the weekends. Freddy was one great fetcher. It could catch a hunted bird at least from 2 kilometers distance. That’s how good it was. Sufyan couldn’t think of living a day without Freddy’s existence.

One morning, the newspaper didn’t reach Sufyan’s bed. He woke up and went out to look for Freddy, whom he found dead with a bleeding hole in the forehead. It appeared as if burglars, whom Freddy hadn’t let in, shot him in self defense. It seemed as if Sufyan’s life had stopped – a silence so deep that he had never experienced before. A man came from behind and said, “I did it and I’ll do it again if you’d keep another dog”. Sufyan, as shocked as he was didn’t know what to do, held a small piece of rock from the ground, where he was standing, and smashed the rock into that man’s head.

Later, Sufyan reported to the Police about his murdered dog and the man who did this. When the man was investigated, he said, “When he killed my 3rd pigeon, only then I had decided to kill his dog, and that is what I did.”
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My father has always spoken of the good things in the world. He told me that the world is full of good humans. Everyone cares for everyone. There’s no jealousy or hatred. There’s respect for every race and religion. The concept of killing or betraying is unknown. All genders are treated equally. Hypocrisy doesn’t exist.
Why he kept feeding me with these stories was that nature had sent me blindfolded to the world, to navigate my way into the world without eyes. His stories brought life and colours to my otherwise dark world. No one had thought that I will ever be able to see, not even him.
A month after my eleventh birthday I was to be given someone else’s donated eyes – a kind human, one of those about whom my father has been telling me all along, who in his death was giving light to my dark world – so I could soak the colours of the things my father had told me about. I was excited to see my father’s words with my eyes wide open.

Years later, I wonder, if that kind human, the one who gave me his eyes, lived a bit longer then I would have stayed in my imagination for longer. I realize, some things aren’t better off in the real life than they are in the imagination. My physical blindness was bliss, to see through my imagination, and not see what real eyes have shown me.

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I was born in a country, Saudi Arabia, where my profession was considered a crime. I began practicing my profession in another country, Pakistan, where it was banned politically yet I managed to keep going. By now you must be thinking what my profession was, it was music.

In the early 90s, my friends used to think that I was misunderstood most of my life. My problem was that I believed, no musician could keep up with what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to play. This muddle was long gone when I tried to gradually adjust myself to the level of musicians I was surrounded by or maybe they altered their ways to blend with my mind. In short, it worked.

A career full of struggles, a failed marriage and a personality unknown to my very own made me who I was. Some thought that I was the best in my league, but for me, I was still not there. Maybe no one ever is until it’s time to go for good and on 2nd June, 2017 my time had arrived.

That’s when I heard the last four words of my life, “Aamir Zaki, it’s time, lets go.”

In the loving memory of Aamir Zaki (1968 – 2017), the one who inspired me to understand music better. His ability to fluently convey the emotions through playing guitars will be one of the eminent things that will be missed in the years to come.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Naufil and Sara were on their second honeymoon to a destination where they hadn’t been to before. Never in their life had they seen such a beautiful sight of nature. They sat beside the lake rejoicing each and every moment. The calm, the sound of the breeze, the clarity of the water and the reflection of the sun on the lake reminded them of the stories they had heard about heavens. Both being nature-lovers wished that this moment could cease forever.

They could not have imagined about going back to the fast paced, competitive, polluted with dirt and dirty minds’ life. Suffocation was the only thing that came to their minds when they thought of going back.

For the first time in their lives, they felt free, until they noticed that the sun had stopped moving. For the last four hours the dusk hadn’t changed into the night. They wanted and waited to see the stars in the dark but it seemed as if things have actually ceased. There was a sense of anxiety that began to grow on them. The strange change made them realize that this beautiful exploration would stay longer than ever as they wished for. What they didn’t realize was that their own desire could smother them more than what they imagined suffocation was.

All of a sudden, they wanted to runaway because they felt anything but free.



A woman who seems so powerful has decided to fight her biggest fear in life and that is giving up her materialistic life that is full of anxiety surrounded by lies all around. Success matters nothing now that she has been to it’s peak. This is the right time for her to seek calm and peace. She finally takes off to the heavens that are unexplored to her.

What comes next will just blow her brains out but she will survive.